Timetable & Fees

Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

15th February – 1st April 2021

19th April – 3rd July 2021

19th July – 25th September 2021

11th October – 11th December 2021

Fee Structure

Westend Studios Term Fees are calculated by the school term and remain the same amount regardless of the term duration. Once students are enrolled in the academy they are reserved a position in the class until the studio is otherwise advised. Enrolments commence yearly and students who were enrolled the previous year will take priority in class capacity over new enrolments. As classes can only be run on the basis that we have enough enrolments please note that we do not offer refunds for missed classes, change of mind or holidays booked. If your child misses a class you are able to attend another suitable class to cover this lesson and this will be advised by staff. Classes are not run on public holidays however the studio will always endeavour to supply replacement or make up lessons for all students affected. If the studio is unable to offer a make up class, fees will be adjusted accordingly. All students are invoiced prior to the commencement of term and all fees are due by the the students first lesson or alternatively the due date marked on your invoice. Only payments made by the due date on the invoice will receive studio discount (if applicable). Please note that late fee charges may apply for outstanding payments. The studio has the right to suspend places in classes for any students with outstanding term fees. Payments can be made by cash, cheque, eftpos, credit or direct bank deposit. Please note that upon arrangement with the office direct deposits and part payments may be arranged. Should students enrol mid term, fees will be calculated accordingly from their start date excluding weeks missed.

Fee Basis and Discounts

Toddler: $110.00 per term

Junior School Classes: $120.00 per term

Senior School Classes: $130.00 per term

Unlimited classes: $550.00 per term

Fees must be paid prior to the due date for the discount to be applied. Discounts vary based on the increase of fees.

Registration Fee

An administration fee of $40.00 will be included to your fees at the commencement of enrolment each year.  The registration fee goes towards insurances, license’s, enrolment, administration and  ensuring we have suitable amenities to provide you with receiving the best service possible. The registration fee will be charged per child and will not be included in the discount applied to those fees that are eligible.

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