Classes We Offer

At Westend Studios we follow the Syllabus ISTD. The ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance) is one of the worlds leading dance teaching and examination boards based in London and operating internationally. The ISTD provides training in a range of dance styles, with examination syllabi for students and training courses for people wishing to become certified dance teachers.

Trial Classes

At Westend Studios we offer free trial classes. It is the perfect way for you to try one of the many classes we have on offer to see what you would like to enrol in. Trial classes apply to all new and existing students who would like to try something new.


All classes are required to wear the studios set uniform. Uniform can be purchased from our in-house shop along with the required footwear and accessories. Once enrolled we will advise you of your child’s requirements.


Jazz is a high energy and fun dance style incorporating leaps, kicks and turns with a commercial feel. Jazz combines a lot of elements from other dance styles and merges them together allowing dancers to apply their own style.


Ballet is the foundation of all dance styles and is an important base for student’s technique. Ballet classes focus on technique, control, flexibility and strength. Students who wish to partake in exams at Westend Studios must take ballet to support their work.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop is a fun and high energy style that incorporates street style and moves. Hip Hop classes use current music and focus on basic elements of isolating, popping and locking. At Westend Studios we also offer a boys only Hip Hop class.

Body Conditioning / Technique

This is a combination class focussing on moves such as leaps, turns and kicks helping further a child’s skills. Students will also concentrate on flexibility and core, leg and muscle strength which will support their dancing.

Performance Troupe

Westend Studios Performance Troupe is comprised of students ages 6-26years and performs at community events. Student’s are selected by an audition process and must do modern to be considered.


Modern is a dance style combining elements of ballet and jazz while focusing on the rhythmical and theatrical qualities of dance styles with a firm technique base. The style uses many steps, which acquire strength through the entire body and flexibility. Students wishing to take partake in modern exams are required to do ballet and technique classes to support their technique.


Heels is a dance style that combines jazz and hip hop with a show girl feel. This class is only offered to senior students.


Acrobatics is a combination of balance, co-ordination, strength and flexibility working towards acrobatic tricks based on individual students abilities.


Tap is a form of dance incorporating sound from shoes fitted with tap plates. Tap classes develop and focus on rhythm and sound working on flexibility through the ankles and knees and working towards lots of different rhythms.


Contemporary is a style of dance that focuses a lot on expression and incorporates styles from modern, ballet and jazz. Contemporary is a creative style and allows dancers to let them selves go in the movement.

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